Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Joy Harjo studied at the University of New Mexico and received an MFA from the University of Iowa. Her rich multicultural lineage--Harjo's mother was part Cherokee, French, and Irish; her father was Creek--figures in her poetry, which explores the relationship between past and present, humans in their communities, and the many aspects of the self.

A saxophonist with the jazz band Poetic Justice, whose latest CD is entitled " Letter from the End of the 21st Century," her books include She Had Some Horses (1983), In Mad Love and War (1990), The Woman Who Fell from the Sky (1996), and, released early this year, A Map to the Next World: Poems and Tales. Harjo received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native Writer's Circle of the Americas and lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Poems by Joy Harjo

She Had Some Horses

Songline of Dawn

We Encounter Nat King Cole As We Invent The Future




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      Fall 2000