Poems by J. D. McClatchy

After Magritte

Honest Iago

My Mammogram


Honest Iago

If ever I did dream of such a matter,
Abhor me. And remember, I know my place.
In following him, I follow but myself.
pp All I want to do is help.

I'd rather have the tongue cut from my mouth
Than speak against my friend. This crack of love
Will grow stronger than it ever was before.
pp There's reason to cool our raging, no?

I cannot think he means to do you any harm.
The chemotherapy seems promising.
These latest figures will show you what I mean.
pp All I want to do is help.

I had not thought he was acquainted with her.
Yes, yes, this boxcar is returning to Poland.
Sure, I've already tested negative twice.
pp I am bound to every act of duty.

Your sins are forgiven. This is only a phase.
I could swear it was her handkerchief I saw.
Trust me. Everything is under control.
pp All I want to do is help.

From TEN COMMANDMENTS (Alfred A. Knopf, 1998)