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Poems by Joan Houlihan

Froze by winter blast

[THEN AY KNOW my horse]



Froze by winter blast

Froze by winter blast

us could not grip on meat or crust,

ours fingers blackened down to all the hand.

And many fell that time

and so were fewer count of us

coming into weather, loosened snow,

water falling down around the stones.

Us heard command in that.

Rose again, the light, and rooted things crept out,

greenly took up spots between the snow.

What good there were for us

showed in starrys round the moon.

By roar and rush and smell of brine

us found the sea and stood along.

Senís scatter-sticks and wobble-stones

gave command to go by boat

and find by water, home.

from THE US

(Tupelo Press, 2009)






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