Poems by Abe Louise Young

Torn Screens

Ninth Ward Jazz

Feminesto: dialogue


Feminesto: dialogue

Are there any qualities standard to liberation?

Each book on the syllabus.

How do I make rape bear fruit, little bear?

The brain that contains the problem also contains the solution.

We are in need of a worldwide Sabbath, a moment of absolute rest.

Good night, little one. Dream me a forest path, a basket.

My body-his body-missile silos-the sidewalk, the crop, the compost-
Guantanamo Bay-the pesticide-faucet-wet mop-#10-the bees in the
orchard-child’s hand-nobody’s suffering is singular-can I be my own harbor,
yet hold refugees?

Create a moment without cacophony.

Lungs, the light. A breath?

From any cliff, you can extend a blessing.