Daphne in Mourning

Palm fronds have woven out the sky.
Fog has infiltrated every vein.
My hair has interlaced with vines.
Cobwebs lash their gauze across my eyes.

I've stood so since the world began,
and turned almost to stone some years ago.
Who passes by perceives a lichened post,
my girlish figures, ghostly, nearly gone.

My bark is warmer than the dead's.
Human blood still lulls the underside of leaves.
My fingers hold the very dress I loved
to dance in, when dancing mattered-and it did.



Poems by Melissa Green

Excerpt of The Squanicook Eclogues (August, part iv)

Excerpt of The Squanicook Eclogues (October, part ii)

Daphne in Mourning