As it was


Dark as it was then, a wrenched
time, striding stranger to loss that I was
no longer, sitting in the bathroom simply
because it was small, shards of the gone
working their mocking way from inside
my body out,
though there was no blood
between us, though I wished for it,
blessed evidence, irrigation, something
to swim away in, dark as it was
I could see the dark was water
that would wash through me until it was through
and, even in the starless time
finding myself under the night umbrella
with mittens and a phone trying to keep
the worst of my shrieks from her small sleep,
dark as it was in the gathering change,
he not simply gone but mocking, me
no more or less deserving,
in her sleep
I could see myself,
striding, still blessed.






From THIS SHARPENING (Tupelo Press, 2006)





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As it was

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