Sylvia Plath at Smith *



(From Top Row, Left to Right: Katie Spencer, Juliette Rose Wunrow, Reina Sekiguchi, Haley McKie, Maxine Kumin and Natalie Freidin)






High School Prize

An annual prize for sophomore & junior girls in Massachusetts

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2011 Prizewinners!


Juliette Rose Wunrow for "Unconventional Couples"


Natalie Freidin, for "Things a Stripper Does While Trapped Inside A Cake"

Hayley McKie, for "Untitled"

Reina Sekiguchi, for "Bellum Inferre"

Katie Spencer, for "Trumpeting"s

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Sponsored by the Poetry Center at Smith College
The Poetry Center at Smith College was founded in 1998 with the goals of bringing distinguished poets to the College, creating a video archive of their readings, promoting an appreciation of poetry in the larger community through outreach to schools. The Poetry Center celebrates Smith’s long and illustrious relationship with such world-renowned poets as Sylvia Plath, W.H. Auden, Richard Wilbur, and Adrienne Rich.





About the Judge

A Pulitzer Prize winner, former Poet Laureate of the U.S. and of New Hampshire MAXINE KUMIN is a quintessential New England poet, known for her "tart and compassionate irony." She has given readings and workshops in every state in the union but two, and is author of eighteen books, most recently the landmark collection Where I Live. A fearless chronicler of the cycles of life and death she observes on her farm, Kumin is just as brave and clear-eyed when focusing her gaze on the political horizon.

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"Oh god, if this is life, half heard, with the god-eyed tall-minded ones, let me never go blind, or get cut off the agony of learning..."
From Sylvia Plath's journal, Smith College, April 27, 1953