The Smith College Poetry Prize for High School Girls in New England

Official 2014-2015 Entry Form

  1. Entrants must be sophomore or junior girls whose school or home address is in New England
  2. One poem per student, maximum of 25 lines (the poem must fit on one page)
  3. Submissions will be accepted between September 1 and December 1, 2014
  4. You must submit form and poem at the same time
  5. Dependents of employees of Smith College are not eligible for this competition
  6. Previously published poems aren't eligible (except for poems published in your school magazine which haven't received any prize).

Winners will be announced in March 2015 on our website:

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Name of Current English Teacher:
Poem Title:

(The title should also appear on the poem, but your name should not)

Where did you hear about our contest?
Attach Poem:
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Poems should include the title, but not the submitting author's name;
poems must fit on one page, and must not exceed 25 lines.

By clicking the Submit button, I attest that I am not the dependent of an employee of Smith College.