Virginia B. Clarendon ’47 has traveled widely and written about those adventures her entire life.  She credits her love of literature and the written word to her Smith education.  She modestly describes herself as “the reject kid” but has published two books, Early Memoirs of a Country Gentleman:  Tharratt Gilbert Best, and Journeys Ashore and Afloat.  She lives on Cape Cod with her husband and fellow traveler.







Virignia B. Clarendon '47


Northern Summer

Pale tendrils,
Climbing, crawling, pushing up,
Growing savagely.
I feel the sprouts, twigs, buds,
hurrying against time
in a cloud of chlorophyll.
I hear bud burst,
leaf open,
branch spread.
I see desperate green,
wild growth,
the plane of the branch.