Born in Minneapolis, MN, Stephanie Faith Wiens graduated from Smith in 2001.  She has lived in Brooklyn since graduating and is currently working on her master’s degree at Hunter College for English Education.


Stephanie Faith Wiens '01


Joy of Life

Oh my God, you were
Gone—I had to
            Shut you out. 
How did I sleep?
            Pill medicated mind,
White, mutilated, hard
Pressed for hope,
            Nightmarish thoughts
Threatened me
My love, for whom the
            Ocean eye shines!
While you were gone
I feared the worst
Then learned to pray—Thy will be done
            Thus death became July
            Stay! Grow! Bloom!
At the crest, a wave of time
Gemini, dust
            Welcome home, Brooklyn
Listen to the night
Sweet breath below the world

            Listen to the street noise