Suzanne E.Berger conducts an advanced poetry workshop at Lesley University, and co-runs a tutoring program in Dorchester, Massaschusetts. A member of the class of '66, she attended Smith from 1962-64. Her books are These Rooms (Penmaen Press), Legacies (Alice James Books) and Horizontal Woman, a memoir published by Houghton Mifflin.



Alexis Krasilovsky


Morning, Jamaica Plain

The swan is a white star drifting
across the onyx pond,
the phosphorescent neck
curving between the black altitudes of trees,
in the held silence of balance:
bird in the shroud and bunting of water.

On the roadway, drivers stare from their bright wild cars,
glassed inside their confused galaxies,
as this one white piece
falls into place, so silently,
this swan
gathering no speed at all,

in the low firmament of the pond.