Rosalyn Driscoll is both poet and sculptor living near Northampton. Her poetry has been published in various journals, received numerous awards, and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her tactile sculpture has been exhibited nationally and internationally and received several fellowships and awards.


Rosalyn Driscoll '67


Jack’s rowboat

Words burn the air,

fall to the ground amidst the fallen.

He wades through the debris backward,

wings pinioned, searching

for words he recognizes. Picks up

civil, finds moribund, pockets

rowboat. He strains to hear the earth:

tones too low for the ear,

they resonate in the long bones.

Archipelago. Memory. Iron.

He hasn’t much time. He pulls oars

from his pocket, fits them into oarlocks,

climbs in, dips the blades into black water,

surges into the night.