Pamela St. Clair, class of 1987, earned her MFA in poetry at Vermont College. Her first chapbook, On Receiving Word, will be published with Finishing Line Press (March, 2008). Her poem “Bird Song” received a top honorable mention by Dorianne Laux in the North Carolina State University Poetry Contest (2007). Pamela reviews poetry for Western American Literature and teaches English at Three Rivers Community College in Connecticut.



Pamela St. Clair '87


Bird Song

The neighbors are at it again. Punched blue,
the afternoon gasps for air.
Housedresses flare on the line.
Broom straw roots in the seams
of the porch floor. Some bored child
will treasure its potential.
She will remember, like a stitch
in her side, the coffee cup glazed
with whiskey, the smoky residue
of moths she mashed in her palms.
An elbow juts from a truck window.
She thinks, broken wing.
Her eyes are flecked with rust.
She stares after the sober horizon, hums
a few bars of a song her parents taught her. 
The name of the tune escapes her.



from On Receiving Word (Finishing Line Press, 2008)