Nadine “Dee” (née Neuburg) Doughty, Smith class of 1955, has been a lifelong writer, mainly editorial and public relations. Now she enjoys writing poetry and essays, several of which have been published, including a book of poems in December 2004. She is also an anti-hunger activist and involved in hunger issues through her church. Married 51 years, she has three sons. Now, in their retirement, she and her husband have four grandchildren to enjoy and watch grow.


Smith Year Book Photo, 1955






Nadine Doughty '55


The Second Great Commandment


My neighbor lady drives me crazy.

Half a block away,

             this nonagenarian needs

                         a phone call, her door unlocked,

                         the fan turned on, a drink of water.


But there’s more,

             more that’s unasked.

             more that I know without words.


She needs attention, conversation,

             listening, real interest.

And even when it feels like interruption,

             I know deep down that I need it too.


Ignoring the clock,

             the time spent for her

             is time spent for us.





Published in Mature Years, Spring 2006