Maryke Cramerus, Ph.D., is the editor of the Poetry Revolt, a journal dedicated to reaching forward to a new twenty-first century poetics. She graduated from Smith in 1968 and now lives in Houston, Texas.


Maryke Cramerus '68



The storm of words that forms
the poem drives its unfolding structure:
a hectic race out of the gate where words
tumble over one another, a burst
or tempestuous rush, alliteration and half-rhyme
and other sonorous seductions thrust
pell-mell through crowded stanzas.

Deep in the heart of these tormented
rants lurk dark obsessions, frantic
addictions where the hungers of the soul,
demonic cravings, and strangled anguish
drive hosts of syllables in gusts until
the end, where the poem veers: a vicious
twist, a unsprung trap, in short—a trick.