Charlotte Coe Lemann


Charlotte Coe Lemann, '55, the daughter of a naval officer, led a peripatetic childhood; her adult life has been lived in Washington,
DC, New Delhi, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Boston. Mother and grandmother, she has been for many years a teacher of the Alexander Technique. She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars who published her chapbook Shadow Marriage in 2000.



Charlotte Coe Lemann '55



Nightly we loft thanks toward a presumed Almighty

Or to our Guardian Dead or to a griffin-mix of the two.

Daily we beg Nature for gold light green limb averted quake.


But what possible means of address for the Dark Asteroid

That zigs and zags across our orbit and what voice to move that floozy

Fate of the crimped tresses dragging her hound Luck by his wiry leash?