As I stood at the washing machine
spreading spot remover
on various little-girl dresses,
Lucy sat at the dinner table
chewing happily on her helping
of fresh blueberry cake.
("It has icing, Mom.")

Then she got up,
which she often does mid-meal,
and walked toward me,
her strong, wide feet
purposeful in their plodding.

She stopped six feet away,
cocked her head slightly to the side
as she does
and said, "I love you."
My heart leapt a little
and I said,"I love you, too, darling."
I put my hand to my heart.

She followed with, "It makes my heart
feel better."
I added, nodding, "It makes my heart
feel beautiful."
She did not see my tears.
She ate more cake.

I am a mom, a sometime poet and writer and painter, a lover of the farmland that surrounds my Hatfield home, an enthusiastic cook, and a passionate reader. I love dipping my toes in a local stream, biking when I can, and finding castoff treasures at the local thrift shop. Life is hard, life is work, life is...