Ann Goldsmith is the author of No One Is the Same Again, a prize-winning book of poems published in 1999 by the Quarterly Review of Literature. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, most recently Traffic East. Her poem “If You Don’t Mind My Asking”, was a prize-winner in the 2002 St. Louis, MO Poetry Center’s Best Poem Contest, and appeared that year in the first issue of Margie: The American Journal of Poetry. She was a runner-up in Canada’s 1996 Orillia International Poetry Festival and twice a finalist in the “Discovery”/The Nation national poetry competition, as well as winning several Western New York awards and serving as a judge in 1985-86 on the poetry panel for the New York Foundation for the Arts.

An English major at Smith, Goldsmith holds an M.A. from the University of Denver and a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where she taught English for ten years. She has also taught at Trocaire and D’Youville Colleges in Buffalo and for twelve years was WNY Coordinator for ALPS, a statewide poetry-in-the-schools organization. She has been a visiting poet for Just Buffalo Literary Center and the Canadian Authors’ Association; served for two years as poet-in-residence at the Chautauqua Institution’s summer writing program, and taught writing for twelve years at Buffalo’s Trinity Center, which granted her an Excellence in Teaching Award in 1994.


Ann Goldsmith '53



Today, sparks glancing off tin roofs,
the odd withered glove aloft,
a festival of crows                  
in the park for your birthday
and another full moon.

Count the moons. They come now
twice a month, flooding
the long streets, the bay shores.
Are the last tomatoes in?
The linens cleaned and pressed?

A November eye is nourished
by horizons and details.
Come, be honest.
Is your sail mended?
Have you prepared the clearing?

Are you ready for love at last?
December just boarded the bus
with your address in his pocket.
Bring out the ice wine.
Put on your dancing shoes.