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Capstone Course

PYX 404 Poetry Concentration Capstone

Offered every spring; limited to senior PYX concentrators

To complete the poetry concentration, each student will complete a senior capstone project integrating the skills and perspectives learned through the electives in the concentration and the internships or practical experiences. Students will complete an independent project under the rubric of a group special studies. For example, students might compose a chapbook of their own poetry; produce and print a chapbook of previously written poetry; compose a portfolio of translations; develop an integrated packet of curriculum materials for teachers of poetry in a particular grade (K-12), or curate an online exhibit of some part of the poetic process, such as drafts.

The project must be approved by the capstone instructor. Students will work with the instructor of the capstone, and sometimes with their concentration adviser or another faculty resource, in shaping and implementing the project. The project will be presented at Collaborations in mid-April as a work in progress.

Seniors should complete this plan for a senior capstone project before the beginning of the spring semester, and discuss with the capstone instructor.