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Required Courses

Courses Recommended for Poetry Concentration Credit

This selection of courses represents current offerings; the final course listing will be approved by the Poetry Concentration Advisory Committee.

Art and Art History

ARS 171 Introduction to the Materials of Art
ARH 293 The Artist's Book in the 20th Century
ARH 273 The Book: Theory and Practice I
ARH 375 The Book: Theory and Practice II
ARS 269 Offset Printing
ARS 369 Offset Printing II

Classical Languages and Literatures

GRK 213 Homer
LAT 330 Latin and Elegiac Love Poetry
LAT 213 (Virgil, Aeneid)
GRK 310 (Lyric Poetry)
LAT 212 (a lot of Catullus, as well as prose)
GRK 212 (a Euripides play, which is all poetry, as well as Plato)

Comparative Literature

CLT 150 The Art of Translation
CLT 202 Western Classics in Translation: Homer to Dante
CLT 220 Imagining Language

East Asian Languages and Literatures

EAL 231 Culture of the Lyric in Traditional China
EAL 237 Chinese Poetry
EAL 243 Japanese Poetry in Cultural Context

Education and Child Study

EDC 346 Clinical Internship in Teaching
EDC 352 Methods of Instruction
ENG 399
Teaching Literature

English Language and Literature

ENG 199 Methods of Literary Study
ENG 200 English Literary Tradition
ENG 207 Technology of Reading and Writing
ENG 216 Intermediate Poetry Writing
ENG 218 Norse Poetry
ENG 236 20th-Century Afro-American Literature
ENG 251 Literature of the Victorian Period
ENG 255 17th-Century Poetry
ENG 259 Pope, Swift and Their Circle
ENG 260 Milton
ENG 263 Romantic Poetry
ENG 268 Sonnet Sequence
ENG 279 American Women Poets
ENG 295 Advanced Poetry Writing
ENG 348 Black Women Writers


GER 229 Topics in Literary Forms and Genres


ITL 340 Theory and Practice of Translation
ITL 332 Dante

Spanish and Portuguese

POR 380
Advanced Literary Study, Translating Poetry

Selection of Recommended Five College Courses

The following Five College courses are recommended for the Archives Concentration credit. Consult the current course catalogue to check availability.

Amherst College


ENGL 21-01 Writing Poetry I
ENGL 27-01 Writing Poetry II
ENGL 37-01 Medieval Poetry
ENGL 45-01 Modern British and American Poetry
ENGL 95-03 Poetry 1950-2009

Classical Languages and Literature

EUST 24-01 Poetic Translation
GREE 41-01 Homer's Odyssey

Hampshire College


HACU 0223-1 Woman and Poet
IA 0251-1 Intermediate Poetry Writing

Mount Holyoke College


ENGL 250-01 African American Literature
ENGL 310-01 Old English
ENGL 306-01 Advanced Poetry Workshop

Classical Language and Literature

GREEK 201-01 Intermediate Greek Prose/Poetry
MEDST 300-0 Seminar: Old English

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Chinese Language and Literature

CHINESE 153 Chinese Literature: Poetry
CHINESE 660 Problems and Methods in Translation


COMP-LIT 256H Poets and Poetry of New England
ENGLISH 14 Reading Poetry
ENGLISH 356 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGLISH 375 American Poetry
ENGLISH 491Z Seminar: Poetry and Political Imagination
ENGLISH 780 Imaginative Writing Poetry


FRENCHST 427 Renaissance Poetry


GERMAN 771 20th-Century Poetry I


ITALIAN 497J/507 ST-Dante and The Duecento

East Asian Languages and Literatures

JAPANESE 144 Japanese Literature-Modern


SPANISH 497PL ST-Latin American Poetry