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Strategic Planning


The planning process is expected to be an 18-month project, beginning with a period of background research and data collection to ensure and assist fruitful and informed discussions. The college is seeking participation from faculty, staff, students and alumnae through a variety of means, including open meetings, committee meetings, and Web-based and e-mail comments. There are regular updates to the community on the progress of our planning efforts, communicating decisions and directions, as well as highlighting next steps, important outstanding questions and where to go for additional information.

October 2005 to January 2006

Planning Coordinating Committee worked with various offices and individuals across campus to collect and compile relevant data and information on Smith as well as external trends to construct a draft report on the condition of the college.

February to March 2006

Through a series of open forums, scheduled meetings, committee discussions, and general feedback, we collected comments and observations from the Smith community on the current state of the college, and the challenges and opportunities on which we should direct our focus and resources over the next five to 10 years.

April to May 2006

Through continued engagement with the various Smith communities and careful analysis of data and other information, the Committee on Mission and Priorities made a recommendation on the eight most critical issues facing the college, which will serve as the basis for the new plan.

June to August 2006

The planning coordinating committee, working with offices across campus, conducted continuing research and data collection on the newly identified critical issues.

September to December 2006

Using the critical issues as the foundation, and following a series of roundtable discussions in early fall, a slate of alternative strategies and initiatives was identified and reviewed. This process included opportunities for feedback from the community as well as careful consideration of the potential impact, implications, and resource requirements of each strategy.

January to February 2007

The draft planning document, including an articulation of the critical issues and the initiatives for addressing them, was made available to the Smith community for discussion and comment.

March 2007

The draft plan was finalized and distributed, and strategies began to be implemented. The plan serves as an important reference for committees across campus.

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