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Piotr Decowski


email Send E-mail office Office: McConnell Hall 312 phone Phone: 585-3882

Piotr Decowski's fields of interest include experimental nuclear physics: structure of nucleons, fundamental interactions, mechanism of heavy ion nuclear reactions and giant oscillations of nuclei.

Decowski worked for many years at the University of Warsaw and at other research and educational institutions, including Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna (near Moscow); Michigan State University; Center for Nuclear Research in Juelich, Germany; and the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. He came to the United States in 1990.

In his personal time, Decowski enjoys music, camping, hiking, swimming, skiing and trying master piano.

Current research interests

PREx Experiment at TJNL

HAPPEX Experiment at TJNL

Precision Measurements of the Weak Mixing Angle in Moller Scattering (SLAC)

Spin structure of nucleons (E154, E155 and E155x experiments at SLAC)