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Organization Recognition

Each student organization leaves a special mark on the cultural, social and intellectual life of Smith College. In officially recognizing organizations, we in turn recognize the contributions that organizations make to the quality of life at Smith, aiding us in our commitment to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment that promotes personal growth, leadership development, co-curricular involvement, intellectual inquiry, global stewardship, social responsibility and the valuing of difference in all forms.

Recognition Form

All organizations are required to submit a Recognition Form each year.


Recognition forms for Spring 2015 will be available on the last day of class and are due by Sunday, February 8. Please login to the Smith Social Network and complete the registration process on your organization page. Please contact Sara McGuire with questions or concerns.

Benefits of Recognized Organizations

Student organizations officially recognized by the college receive many benefits, including:

  • The use of college space by reserving meeting rooms, programming spaces and outdoor event space.
  • Permission to publicize, poster and reserve banner space.
  • Permission to use the Smith name with your organization.
  • Use of a student organization mailbox in the resource room.
  • Ability to apply for and receive funding from college funding sources such as the Fine Arts Council.
  • E-mail and website organization accounts.
  • Access to vending tables and cash boxes in the Campus Center.
  • Ability to apply for and/or receive an office or storage space in the Campus Center or other student organization designated office building.
  • Participation in the annual Student Involvement Fair held at the beginning of the fall semester.
  • An active page on the Smith Social Network.
  • Organization bank account through the College Controller's Office.
  • Ability to use the student organization credit card to make club-related purchases, available through the OSE.