Resource Center for Sexuality & Gender Access Agreement

Please read over each section of this agreement and check off AGREE to complete your registration for access to the Resource Center for Sexuality and Gender. Once we receive your completed form, we will activate you Smith College ID Card, giving you access to the center at times when it is normally not open. Please note that abuse of the space or your privilege of accessing the space, will be removed if you are found guilty of violating this agreement. Card access will be given for the period of the 2009-10 academic year after which time all users will need to submit a new agreement and have their college ID reactivated. The OneCard System will be cleared following Commencement in May.

As stated in the mission statement, Resource Center for Sexuality and Gender is intended to provide support and information for people in the Smith community seeking to explore and clarify issues around gender and sexuality, as well as class, race and other social identities. The resource center will provide educational programming and activities in support of all interested students, faculty and staff and acts as a campus resource and communication center for meetings, programming and educational materials.

Recognizing that the Resource Center for Sexuality and Gender is located in the basement of the Wesley House, I agree to respect the house community rules above the resource center, keeping noise to a minimum and understand my role in providing a safe and comfortable environment for all.
 I agree

The Resource Center for Sexuality and Gender is intended to be a safe space for students, faculty and staff that are seeking to explore and clarify issues around gender and sexuality, as well as class, race and other social identities. I agree that information shared by others in the space should be held in confidence and that the privacy of others should be maintained.
 I agree

I understand my responsibility in keeping the resource center clean and neat for all members of the community. Dishes should be cleaned and put away, table tops should be washed and the furniture should be put back to its standard configuration after meetings and programs. After events, excess decorations and signage should be removes from doors and walls. If they can be reused, they should be organized in the closet either on the shelves or in the drawers. All regular meetings and events are scheduled and in the calendar so the space is available when you need it. Please go to R25 College Calendar to make your requests.
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The resource center cannot be responsible for equipment or property that is left or stored on its premises. You may not leave anything in the center unless prior arrangements have been made with the resource center's staff and even if arrangements have been made, the resource center assumes no responsibility of any kind for the items. The resource center reserves the right to dispose of any property left on the promises after an event has concluded.
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The resource materials in the Center are here for people to use. Please work through the program assistants to check out materials if you plan on removing them from the resource center. If no one is staffing the desk please e-mail the resource center at and let them know who you are and what you borrowed. Replacement costs for the items not returned to the resource center will be charged to the person who borrowed and failed to return them.
 I agree

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Please print this page before sending it to the OSE so that you have a copy for your records.