End-of-Year Report

Official name of organization
Current chair/president/contact person
Contact person's e-mail
Organization Web address
Organization e-mail
Statement of Purpose:
What has your organization accomplished this year? Please comment on the success and difficulty of these events.
Meetings: What have attendance numbers been like at your meetings, and how often did you meet? How were meetings run?
Budget: Please break down how your organization used your budget this year.
Fundraising: In what ways and how much did you fundraise?
What were some of the difficulties and challenges that your organization faced this year?
Please list the leadership conferences or development training that your organization or particular members took part in.
If your organization had more money this year, how would you have used it?
How could the Office of Student Engagement have better served you this past year in your activities and events?
How could the Organization Resources Committee (ORC) have better served you in the past year?
What other advice do you have for next year's executive board?
Any other notes from this year?

Please print this page before sending it to the OSE so that you have a copy for your records.