Storage Cabinet Application

The resource room has 12 wall cabinets and 12 small, rolling file cabinets that student organizations have access to for the purpose of storing organization supplies, files and program materials. Organizations must renew their use every year through the Office of Student Engagement.

Space Usage Agreement

Smith College values and supports the presence and contributions of student organizations. The resource room is designated for use by all student organizations to help facilitate the productive work of student organizations and to encourage collaboration among groups. Private office spaces are limited to Henshaw, the Davis Center, the Mwangi Cultural Center, Unity House and The Resource Center for Sexuality and Gender. All space usage by officially recognized student organizations is contingent upon adherence to the guidelines. All space is owned by Smith College; therefore, the college has final authority for the use and allocation of this space.

Responsibilities and Privileges (Policy and Expectations)

  1. Student organization office space is available for use during specified building hours as published and distributed to the general public. Unauthorized access when the building is closed (e.g. winter recess) may result in immediate forfeiture of office space privileges and the organizations being brought to the Judicial Board.
  2. The Office of Student Engagement staff, director of Multicultural Affairs and/or Office of the Dean of Students retain the right of access to any allocated office space and storage space for routine maintenance, housekeeping, and inspection at any time. Space privileges may be revoked if the space demonstrates neglect or disregard of the rules of use.
  3. In shared office spaces, groups may be asked to remove any furnishings they provide if these furnishings block aisles or otherwise encroach on the spaces used by other groups. Any alterations to the physical facility (walls, doors, ceiling, floor, locks, etc.) of an assigned office space must be approved in advance, in writing, by the OSE director or director of Multicultural Affairs and director of facilities management. Organizations will be held responsible for damage to college property and for any damage to allocated office space, normal wear and tear excepted. In cases where spaces are shared, all organizations occupying that space shall be equally assessed any repair or replacement costs, unless the specific source of the damage can be identified.
  4. High wattage appliances such as heaters, full-size refrigerators, or microwaves may not be used anywhere in the student organization office space, unless placed in the space by the college. Acceptable appliances include computers, printers, small radios, pencil sharpeners, and approved lamps. Halogen lamps and toaster ovens are not permitted in any campus space.
  5. Organizations must maintain a clean and orderly space at all times to ensure safety and appropriate egress. Any organization failing to do so will be charged the appropriate cleaning fees by facilities management. All spaces must be cleaned by the last day of final exams during the spring semester. Food or perishable items are not to be left in offices for extended periods of time, including winter and spring breaks or other long weekends. Food items consumed in student organizations offices should be properly disposed of.

    Unity organizations are expected to participate in Clean Sweep Days, and clean Unity House and the Mwangi Cultural Center by the last day of classes during fall and spring semester. Food items should not be kept in office areas. Appropriate pantry space for food items is provided in the kitchen areas of both Unity House and the Mwangi Cultural Center.

    It is illegal to store drugs, alcohol, weapons and chemicals/flammables of any sort in storage cabinets/spaces. In addition organizations may not store food, candy and cooking supplies in these spaces. Organization privileges will be revoked if such items are found.

  6. Allocated office space may not be sublet or transferred to any other occupant or organization. Previous allocation or occupancy does not guarantee retention or future allocation of an office space.
  7. Alcohol and/or drug paraphernalia is not permitted in student organization office space. Violations of this policy may result in the forfeiture of office space and a breach of the use agreement.
  8. Exterior doors may NOT be left ajar. Please lock all student organization offices when they are not occupied.
  9. Every student organization member utilizing office space is expected to comply with these policies. Please inform the entire membership of these policies. Failure by any member to abide by these conditions may result in a loss of space for the student organization.
  10. Keys for private office spaces in Henshaw are checked out through the Office of Student Engagement. Keys for Unity House and the Mwangi Cultural Center should be picked up from the Office of Multicultural Affairs in Clark Hall. Access to the Resource Center for Sexuality and Gender must be applied for through their Web site. WOZQ DJs and board members must work through the station manager and the assistant director of the OSE for student programs for access.
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By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms of the Student Organization Space Use Agreement and will share the information with all members of the organization at our first meeting of the year. I also agree that I understand the responsibilities and privileges as set forth in this document and agree to adhere to all policies and expectations as outlined. Assignments will be evaluated on a yearly basis and the organization will be notified in early fall regarding their status.


Please print this page before sending it to the OSE so that you have a copy for your records.