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Unity Organizations

The cultural groups that make up the Unity umbrella organization serve as a network of support for their members. They share office and meeting space in Unity House and in the Mwangi Cultural Center. Unity organizations sponsor fine arts forums, concerts, cultural celebrations, workshops and other activities such as Mendhi Night, Rhythm Nations, Asian Tea House, Five Colleges Pa'lante, Pan-African Conference and Kwanzaa Celebration. Unity Organizations are not exclusive to the students of that particular cultural origin. All students interested in the goals of the organization, whatever their race or ethnicity, are welcome.

Unity Presidents' Council

The Unity Presidents' Council (UPC) comprises the chairs and co-chairs of all ten Unity organizations. The council meets every other week to hear and address concerns. It strives to create a climate in Unity that embraces community building and encourages collaboration to achieve common goals as a united entity.

Unity Award

Presented on Ivy Day in May, the Unity Award goes to the student(s) who has made the most outstanding contribution toward promoting diversity and multiculturalism in the Smith College community.

Asian Students' Association (ASA)

ASA provides a support network for Asian and Asian Pacific American students attending Smith. Working collaboratively with other campuses, ASA serves as a link to other Asian Pacific American organizations in the five colleges. ASA hosts a variety of collaborative events each year, highlighted by an Asian Teahouse and a fall conference.

Black Students' Alliance (BSA)

The BSA is the oldest of the Smith College Unity organizations, and its membership comprises students from many different backgrounds. BSA promotes cultural, social and political awareness throughout the Smith College community. To establish strong intercollegiate bonds between all the black student organizations in the five college area, BSA develops educational programs that promote awareness to the greater community.

Chinese Interregional Student Cultural Org (CISCO)

The purpose of our organization is to hold cultural events that spread the spirit of Chinese culture through language, food, art, and entertainment, CISCO strives to create an environment that celebrates and increases awareness of Chinese holiday, traditions, and culture on Smith campus and the Five-College Community.

South Asian Student Association of Smith (EKTA)

EKTA is a support network for all South Asian students at Smith College. Its members seek to create an awareness and understanding of the identity and culture of South Asia within the community at large through educational, cultural and social programs. Ekta means "unity" in several languages spoken in South Asia.

Indigenous Smith Students and Allies (ISSA)

ISSA is committed to educating the Smith community about social, economic and cultural issues affecting the Native American populations of the United States. ISSA strives to be a resource and support group for students who identify as Native American, American Indian or as part of an indigenous population; they also reach out to nonnative membership, to further cultural understanding and broaden the support group on campus. ISSA works to raise awareness of local, national and global indigenous issues by bringing faculty and speakers to campus, showing films and encouraging students to take coursework toward the Five College Certificate of Native American Indian Studies. ISSA often collaborates with the indigenous organizations on other campuses to build a network of support and community. ISSA is currently inactive. Students interested in reactivating this organization should email the director.

International Students' Organization (ISO)

ISO is a haven for international students at Smith and those interested in exploring international affairs from a cultural, political and a social perspective. ISO's members come from all around the world, bringing varying perspectives and experiences. ISO aims to be a support system for the international students at Smith but also seeks to educate and engage the rest of the Smith community in appreciating the diversity and unique experiences international students bring to the college community.

Korean American Students of Smith (KASS)

The Korean American Students of Smith act as a support network for all Korean and Korean American students at Smith College. Through intercollegiate functions, KASS strives to strengthen ties among Asian and Asian American students at Smith while addressing specific needs and concerns that support all women of color and the Smith community at large.

Multiethnic Interracial Smith College (MISC)

MISC promotes awareness, acknowledgement, acceptance and celebration of multiethnic persons, interracial families and relationships, and transracial adoptions. MISC promotes discussion of issues pertaining to multiethnic peoples and cross-cultural experiences.


Nosotras provides a support network for Latinas at Smith College, who at times may find that they need to identify with people of their own cultural background and individuals who understand their experiences in similar ways. Nosotras encourages an active cultural exchange between women of different Latina origins and an openness to any Smith student. It promotes an awareness of social justice issues facing Latinas on campus as well as in the rest of the world. As such, Nosotras promotes unity and understanding between Latinas of different backgrounds.

Smith African and Caribbean Students' Association (SACSA)

SACSA welcomes students of African and/or Caribbean descent and anyone else who is genuinely interested in these regions and their unique cultures. It promotes discussions of regional and global issues that are important to the campus community. Working collaboratively with other cultural and Unity organizations on campus, SACSA strives to foster appreciation and insight.

Vietnamese Students' Association (VSA)

The purpose of VSA is to provide a supportive network for VSA members and to raise awareness of Vietnamese culture and heritage. We strive to bridge the gap between Vietnamese culture and traditions from Vietnam and America.