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Unity House

Members of the Unity Presidents' Council attend a student leadership retreat during the winter break. This two-day event consists of community-building activities, program planning, mini workshops on topics such as conflict resolution, skill building, and membership recruitment and retention. On the last day of the retreat, students participate in an off-campus activity like skiing, bowling, ice skating or roller skating.

The Mwangi Cultural Center is used for meetings and social events by the Unity organizations. The center serves as home for the Black Students' Alliance, Nosotras (students of Latina Heritage), the Asian Students' Association and the Smith African and Caribbean Students' Association. The center continues to be an important cornerstone on campus, providing a place for students to meet and take part in culturally and intellectually enriching discussions.

Unity House is the headquarters of the alliance of nine cultural groups known as Unity. Unity was formed in 1991 when leaders of several Smith student-run organizations joined to create an umbrella organization. Unity House serves as the home for the Asian Students' Association, the Black Students' Alliance, EKTA (students of South Asian heritage), Indigenous Smith Students and Allies, the International Students' Organization, Korean American Smith Students, Multiethnic Interracial Smith (MISC), Nosotras, and the Smith African and Caribbean Students' Association. Unity House continues to be the organizing hub of multicultural affairs at Smith, enriching the social and intellectual life of the college.