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Program Testimonials

What did previous Bridge participants think of the program? Here are some comments from the most recent Bridge class:

"The friendships that I have developed during these four fun-packed days will remain with me for many years to come. All the smart, charismatic and inspirational women that I met during this trip have become like a family to me; we have bonded in ways that only true friends do. It makes me feel reassured to know that there are people here who are experiencing the same doubts and home sickness that I am, and who will be there for me whenever I find myself in a tough situation.... Not only do I treasure my newly-found friends' support but also their courageous and bold personalities. Never before have I met people who are as motivated and determined as they are, and that amplifies my own drive. They are utterly inspirational women." –Norma Irigoyen

"The Bridge leaders are outstanding. They helped me feel so much more at home with their unique personalities. I feel relatable with every single leader. Late nights, laughing, singing and dancing are things I will dearly remember about this great experience. Not only was this a fantastic opportunity to get a head start in our first years, but it's also a great opportunity to learn. The seminars seemed relevant and informative. I would recommend this program to anyone that has doubts and worries about going to college; which is everyone." –Mary Gossard-Hoffman

"The expectations I had for the Bridge program were the mere surface to the iceberg that were my experiences those four days. In hindsight, those first few days, I was uncomfortable and awkward, and I really wondered 'what am I doing here?' I realize now that those feelings were part of a process, a shedding of conceptions I had, in order for me to embrace the new changes. I met some amazing women in this program and I am positive that every single one of them would 'have my back.' My future at Smith seemed rather cloudy to me when I tried to imagine it. The seminars I attended with Bridge really allowed me to see the dedication it would take, and made the idea of success pragmatically attainable." –Anna Jimenez

"The Bridge program itself is the most beautiful conglomerate of knowledge, outlets and friendships. It has introduced me to some of the brightest young women, and I am grateful for that. Moreover, I realized that I am not alone in my feeling homesick, or in being afraid of the many challenges that college will bring. But the best thing is that I have established connections that have the ability to grow into a strong sisterhood." –Bianca Bryant