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Smith students may register with the Office of Disability Services by first making an appointment to speak with the Disability Services Director. We will discuss your concerns and determine what accommodations and services are needed.

Once a person with a disability has registered, the documentation will be reviewed to determine the need for appropriate services and accommodations that are necessary and effective, and which do not compromise the academic standards of the college.

New first-year and transfer students must send the Disability Identification Form (PDF) (included in the acceptance packet) along with proper disability documentation by June 1 (October 1 for January admission).

Send to:
Office of Disability Services
College Hall 104
Smith College, Northampton, MA, 01063


Proper medical documentation or educational testing must be submitted in order to receive accommodations. If you are a new student, we advise updating and gathering relevant documentation during the spring of your Senior year so that you can meet the June 1 deadline. Contact our office if you have questions about what is needed.

Planning Ahead

Requests for services and accommodations must be made in a timely manner. Without sufficient advance notification and proper documentation, Disability Services may not be able to meet your requests, or there may be delays. If you have been newly accepted and plan to enroll at Smith, please make every effort to contact our office well before you arrive on campus.

Summer Before Enrollment

Submit your Disability Identification Form by the June 1 deadline and contact us directly to discuss what accommodations and services will be provided. Be aware that housing accommodation requests received past the June 1 deadline may not be able to be met. Please call us by the end of June if you need supports such as sign language interpreters, alternative print materials and so on, so that services are in place when you arrive in the fall. Early registration may be arranged to facilitate this process.

January Transfers

January transfer students should submit the identification form by October 1 and contact us in the fall before your arrival.