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Disability Visibility Event - Thursday, April 3rd, 4 pm

Disabled students and allies at Smith are coming together to organize a visibility and education event about the experience of being a young disabled person in a society that largely undervalues us. This event will have two main components: an educational aspect and a storytelling component. For the educational portion, we are looking for facts/excerpts to go on the backs of approximately 400 chairs. These 400 chairs represent the number of students registered with the Office of Disability Services at Smith College.

Community members, allies, and orgs - we need your help!

We are open to historical facts, quotes, artwork, etc, provided it will fit on the back of a chair. Some examples of prompts you can use to write are: "something meaningful I have learned about disabled community/history is..." or "the way that I choose to explain disability or disability rights is..."

These submissions will be on display during the day-long event on Chapin Lawn, which will happen on April 3rd.

Click here to submit something for the educational component.

At 4 pm, Dr. Jen Daigle-Matos will be speaking about intersectionality and how it relates to disability. Jen is a Smith Alum, a woman of color, and a person with a disability.

Later that day at 7:30 pm in the Carroll Room there will be an opportunity to present works of prose, poetry, or song. We would like for short anecdotes, poems, or musical acts to be performed at this event to help others understand our experiences.

Click here to submit something for the storytelling component.

Submissions should be received by noon on Tuesday, April 1st.



We are so excited for our graduating seniors and we know that you will go on to do so many great things! Below is a link to a PDF with resources for graduating seniors. It gives you detailed information about job searches, applications, disclosure, health insurance, etc.

Resource Guide for Graduating Seniors


Emerging Leaders Summer Internship Program for College and Graduate Students with Disabilities

This program offers paid summer internships at many of America's leading corporations. These companies are members of the National Business & Disability council (www.nbdc.com) and are proactive in recruiting qualified people with disabilities.

To be considered for an internship, a student must be enrolled in the fall as an undergraduate or graduate students and have at least a 2.5 GPA and 60 credits.

More information regarding student criteria can be found on the website at www.emerging-leaders.com.


Weather Preparedness - Creating a GO PACK

Hurricane Sandy signals the beginning of the winter season in New England. Bad weather can bring unpredictable circumstances and we all need to be prepared, especially in case of evacuation. If you have a disability and think there is a possibility that you might need some type of assistance during or after evacuation (such as difficulty with stairs, intolerance of cold, needing medications, etc.) please contact ODS to talk about a plan for the assistance you will need. It is also advised that you talk to your HR, your Area Coordinator, or other Res. Life staff members so they know about your concerns. Make sure to participate in fire drills and other emergency drills so you know what to expect and can take steps tobe prepared.

Many experts suggest creating a "GO PACK."Get a bag or backpack, put the essentials you'll need in it and keep it by the door. What goes in the bag is different for each person, but it remains in that spot permanently - ready for the time when you need it. Then you can relax and know that you are prepared to get up and go.

Hopefully, the only thing you will ever encounter at Smith is a false alarm, but it's good to be prepared in case you have to evacuate for a longer time due to a power outage. Think of what essentials you'd need or want to have if you had to leave for an hour, a day, or even a few days.

You might need things like

Some people put copies of important documents, a list of medications, and doctor contact information, etc. in an envelope to put in the GO PACK in case they have to evacuate for longer than a few minutes or hours. There are many resources on the web about preparing for anemergency as a person with a disability or health concern.

You may also want to let your faculty know of any concerns about evacuation in case there is an emergency when you are in class. Check out the evacuation routes and safe areas in each building so you will calmly know where to go if an emergency should arise.

If you would like Campus Police to have your name, house, and room number in advance so they can be aware in an emergency situation, let ODS know.

Call Laura Rauscher (x2071) if you have other concerns or want to talk through a plan for your individual needs.

Links to more information on GO PACKS:

National Organization on Disability - Preparedness

Grab n Go Pack - People with Disabilities