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Accommodations and Services for Students with disabilities

The Office of Disability Services determines, coordinates, and provides accommodations and support services for students with disabilities based on information about their disability and the areas where they are experiencing difficulties and need support. Students meet with the Disability Services Director to begin the process of registering with the Office. Once students register, they can fill out an Accommodation Request Form identifying their specific accommodations in one of two ways: online or in paper.

Request for Accommodations

Paper requests can be made by submitting the Accommodation Request Form with your signature to the Office of Disability Services by mail, email or in person.

Academic Accommodations: If we have your information/documentation on file and you have not made any changes from the previous semester we will process your request for academic accommodations in approximately three - five business days.

Sign language Interpreters/Captioning should be requested with as much notice as possible.

and books in audio/digital formats should be requested with as much notice as possible.

New requests for housing or other non-academic accommodations must be discussed in person. You will receive a letter to your faculty specifying that you registered with ODS and outlining the specific accommodations for your courses that have been approved.

ODS ACCOMMODATE:  Online Request Process

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) has an online accommodation and services request system that can be used by students who are registered with the office, meaning you have met with the Disability Services Director, previously completed a Disability Accommodation Request Form, and submitted necessary disability information/documentation.

New Students:

New students must initially contact the Office of Disability Services to register, but will then be added to the system for future accommodation and service requests. An initial Accommodations and Service Request Form (PDF) must be completed and submitted to the office. Accommodations are reviewed every semester to ensure that students are receiving appropriate and effective accommodations and services.

Returning Students:

Students who are already registered with ODS can log in here with their secure Shibboleth password to:

You will also find information, updates, and notices from ODS each time you sign on.

Students may still make requests in person or contact us for assistance in using the online system.

Please be patient as we work through any glitches and definitely let us know how this is working for you.  Thanks!

Common Student Accommodations & Services

Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis considering an individual's limitations and the academic demands and responsibilities of residential life at Smith College.Common academic accommodations made by the college include:

Student Involvement

Accommodations will be discussed with the student and will be arranged through the Office of Disability Services with significant involvement of the student. Professors are notified of necessary academic accommodations by the Office of Disability Services through a letter delivered by the student in order to initiate communication and collaboration.

Students are responsible for notifying the Office of Disability Services if difficulties arise during the course of the semester. Students must also work closely with the office when ongoing support services are being provided such as sign language interpreters, alternative format materials or transportation. Failure to keep in communication or adhere to reasonable expectations for responsible use of accommodations and services may result in suspension of services.


Smith College does not provide testing for learning disabilities or ADHD, but Smith's student health insurance offers coverage for some of these costs. Please consult the student health insurance provider. We also do not provide specialized LD tutors, academic or personal coaching, or case management. Individuals who need this type of support will be referred to appropriate resources in the community to the extent that they are available.


If you disagree with the final decision of the Disability Director or with a faculty member about your accommodations, please speak to your Class Dean to see if an informal resolution can be achieved. If you wish to file a formal grievance about decisions or treatment by any staff or faculty member you may contact the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity at 413-585-2141 and follow the college's procedures outlined on their website.

Service Animal Policy

Service Animal Policy and Housing Contract (PDF)

Smith College is committed to assuring equal access for disabled students, staff, and faculty, as well as guests and visitors to the campus. It is the College’s policy to permit service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act in most areas of the campus, and may permit Support Animals on a case by case basis, to reside in the residence hall with a student with a documented disability as a reasonable accommodation. Please contact the Office of Disability Services to make such a request.