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I was homeschooled during high school, so I knew I wanted a college with strong academics where I could also study dance, and Smith had everything. Not only are the dance academic classes thought-provoking, there are numerous opportunities to perform and choreograph. I have had my own work shown in several of the spring dance concerts and will be working on my senior thesis this year.

Along with taking courses in my major, I'm trying to take a class in as many departments as I can. Smith's open curriculum has made this possible, which is something I really appreciate.

Smith encourages and fosters student leaders, creating an environment of very active students. With that tone, the people you meet here — you know they're going to go off and do amazing things.

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I discovered Smith while researching another school in the Five College Consortium. Visiting during Discovery Weekend gave me the chance to explore the campus and talk with faculty and students. Everyone was friendly and I felt so comfortable here. Smith has students from all kinds of backgrounds and from all over the world.

I enjoyed science during high school but didn't start to focus on it until I came to Smith. The summer after my first year I worked with Kate Queeney, associate professor of chemistry, and some wonderful lab mates on manipulating surface chemistry at the nanoscale and learned important analytical techniques such as FTIR and AFM. My friends at large universities are amazed that I had that opportunity as a first-year student.

I'm active in the Five College Pan-Asian Network, which promotes awareness of issues affecting Asian Americans. It's a great organization that has introduced me to students, faculty and staff from the neighboring schools.