Index of Original Language Texts



Gagnon, Madeleine. (French) "Excerpts from Dream of Stone (Reve de        Pierre)." Trans. Andrea Moorhead. 9:2, 94.

Gamper, Galina. (Russian) "Saint Petersburg Sequence." Trans. Mark W.        Halperin. 16:1, 178.
  ---"The Seagulls' Creaking Cry." Trans. Grainne Tobin. 20:2, 88.
  ---"We are Going Out." Trans. Natasha Cuddington. 20:2, 90.

Gândara, Paula. (Portuguese) "Coimbra, the Unfamiliar Memory." Trans.        Philip Eugene Krummich. 20:2, 76.
  ---"Photographs." Trans. Krummich. 20:2, 78.
  ---"Belém Pier." Trans. Krummich. 20:2, 80.

Gandelsman, Vladimir. (Russian) "[Speak looser, please, speak freer]."        Trans. Yana Djin. 7:2, 154.
  ---"[This - the steppe, and the dry expanse, like an onion dry]." Trans.        Djin. 7:2, 156.
  ---"[Meanwhile, this imagined life]." Trans. Djin. 7:2, 158.
  ---"[I will take that winter's illuminated square]." Trans. Djin. 7:2, 160.
  ---"[Getting dark. Getting black...]." Trans. Djin. 7:2, 162.
  ---"[So what if they crack - ]." Trans. Djin. 7:2, 164.

Gao Weixi. (Chinese) "My Wife's Hands." Trans. Harry J. Huang. Edited        by Sabina Knight. 18.1, 214.

García Valdés, Olvido. (Spanish) "Olive Trees Pulled Out by the Roots."        Trans. Catherine Hammond. 18:2, 50.

Gaski, Harald. (Swedish) "Essay: Sami Literature." Trans. Roland        Thorstensson. 8:1, 84.

Gazdanov, Gaito. (Russian) "The Adventurer." Trans. Laurence Bogoslaw.        2:2, 40.
   ---"Princess Mary." Trans. Ian Brownlie and Claire Dienes. 4:2, 8.
   ---"Hawaiian Guitars." Trans. Bogoslaw. 5:1, 97.

George, Stefan. (German) "[Final Song] (Du Schlank und Rein wie eine        Flamme)." Trans. Peter Viereck. 2:1, 68.
  ---"The Stranger (Die Fremde)." Trans. Viereck, E. Morwitz and Mark.        7:1, 42.

Gersão, Teolinda. (Portuguese) "The Reader." Trans. António Igrejas. 16:1,        234.

Ghità. (Italian) "The Ball." Trans. Susan Leigh Connors. 14:1-2, 220.

Ginzburg, Natalia. (Italian) "He and I." Trans. Hélène Cantarella. 7:1, 34.

Gion, Nándor. (Hungarian) "Chapter Two of the novel Soldier with a
." Trans. Maya LoBello. 13:2, 226.

Gititi, Gitahi. (Gikuyu) "The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars." Trans. Gitahi        Gititi. 10:1, 47.
  ---"Physician, Heal Thyself." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 57.
  ---"What Hour of the Night?" Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 58.
  ---"Taproot." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 60.
  ---"Earthquake." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 62.
  ---"Building the Nation." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 64.
  ---"Cure for Headaches, 1." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 66.
  ---"Cure for Headaches, 2." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 68.
  ---"Head's for Thinking." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 68.
  ---"Dust on the Road to Nyiri Town." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 70.
  ---"The Lower Depths." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 74.
  ---"One Hundred Shillings." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 72.
  ---"The Lower Depths." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 74.
  ---"The Census Comes to Grandmother." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 76.

Glowinski, Michal. (Polish) "The Pastry." Trans. Shore. 9:2, 321.
  ---"Emil." Trans. Marci Shore. 9:2, 325.

Goldschmidt, Meir Aron. (Danish) "A Tale about a Fly." Trans. Ingrid G.        Lansford. 13:1, 270.
  ---"Sidi-el-Barduk and Zuleima (from 'Love Stories from Many Lands')."        Trans. Ingrid Lansford. 16:1, 257.
  ---"Under a Spell II." Trans. Ingrid Lansford. 18:1, 196.
  ---"Under a Spell I: A Legend Retold." Trans. Lansford. 20:2, 155.

von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. (German) "Welcome and Parting        (Willkommen und Abschied)." Trans. Walter Arndt. 8:2, 130.

Goloboff, Gerardo Mario. (Spanish) "The Passion According to San        Martin." Trans. Ilan Stavans. 2:2, 30.

de Góngora, Luis. (Spanish) "How Our Life is Shorter Than We Think."        Trans. John Upton. 13:2, 142.

González Prada, Manuel. (Spanish) "Selected Epigrams from Grafitos,        'Hombres y Libros.'" Trans. G.J. Racz. 18.1, 98.

Gonzales, Odi. (Spanish) "Apprentice Painters (Los Aprendices)." Trans.

Lynn Levin. 20:1, 24.

  ---"God Shows Paradise to Adam and Eve (Dios Muestra El Paraíso a

Adán y Eva)." Trans. Lynn Levin. 20:1, 30.

  ---"The Prodigal Son (El Hijo Pródigo)." Trans. Lynn Levin. 20:1, 34.

Grandes, Almudena. (Spanish) "'Memories of a Gypsy Girl' from        Exemplary Women (Modelos de Mujer)." Trans. Lydia Oram. 9:2,


  ---"Mother Love." Trans. Oram. 9:2, 267.

Grigoryuk, Pavel. (Russian) "Excerpt from The Autobiography of Pavel        Grigoryuk." Trans. Joseph Lake. 1:2, 51.

Grill, Evelyn. (German) "'Means of Flight' from the Working World of        Just-A-Housewife." Trans. Jean M. Snook. 16:1, 295.

Grima, Edgar. "The Cricket and the Ant." Trans. Norman R. Shapiro. 11:1,        254.
  ---"The Wolf and the Stork." Trans. Shapiro. 11:1, 264.

Guerra, Germán. (Spanish) "Marti." Trans. Cola Franzen. 13:1, 108.
  ---"A circus, a universe ." Trans. Franzen. 13:1, 112.
  ---"The City and the Edge of the Island." Trans. Franzen. 13:1, 114.
  ---"Sojourn in Pompeii and Herculaneum." Trans. Franzen. 13:1, 116.
  ---"Ming Y/the Dimming of the Light." Trans. Franzen. 13:1, 118.