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Middle East Studies


Olla Najah Al-Shalchi
Lecturer in Arabic

Joshua Birk
Assistant Professor of History

Ibtissam Bouachrine
Director of Middle East Studies
Associate Professor of Spanish & Portugese

Justin Cammy
Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Joanna Caravita
Lecturer in Modern Hebrew Language

Nadya Sbaiti
Assistant Professor of History

John Weinert
Lecturer in Arabic

Gregory White
Professor of Government

Other faculty offering courses related to the Middle East

Mehammed Mack
Assistant Professor of French Studies

Suleiman Mourad
Professor of Religion

Alexandra Dika Seggerman
FC/Mellon Post Doctorate Fellow

Bozena Wellborne
Assistant Professor of Government


Donna Robinson Divine
Morningstar Family Professor of Jewish Studies
Professor of Government

Karen Pfeifer
Professor of Economics