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Medieval Studies Requirements

Virgin's Face: Requirements

The Major

Requirements for the Major:

Beginning with the class of 2009.

1.  Latin Requirements:

All medieval studies majors are expected to achieve a working knowledge of the Latin language. This requirement may be satisfied by taking at least one Latin course (for four credits) at the 200 level or above. If a student has no prior Latin or is insufficiently prepared for a 200-level course, she will take Latin 100d (for eight credits) in order to fulfill this requirement.  All students are urged to continue Latin until they have taken at least one course at the 200 level.

Ten semester courses distributed as follows:

2.  Required Courses:

Two courses in medieval history: normally these are HST224, HST225 or HST226;

one course in medieval art history;

one course in medieval religion or philosophy;

two courses in medieval language or literature not necessarily taken in the same department;

one course in classical Latin literature may be taken in fulfillment of this requirement;

and two additional courses from the list of approved courses.  (See Courses Tab).

3.  Concentration requirement: two additional courses, at least one at the advanced level, in one of the four areas listed above (history, religion or philosophy, art, language and/or literature). 

The S/U grading option is not allowed for courses counting toward this major.

In addition to approved courses listed below, courses that devote at least eight weeks of the semester to medieval material may be taken for credit in the major, upon petition to the Medieval Studies Council, provided that the student's principal written work deals with a medieval subject.

Students are encouraged to consult the current Five College catalogue of courses for offerings at the other four institutions.  We also encourage medieval studies majors to consider proposing a Special Studies project or an honors thesis.

The Minor

Required Courses

Students who wish to qualify for a minor in medieval studies have the option of demonstrating a working knowledge of Latin as per the major requirement or demonstrating a working knowledge of one of the medieval vernaculars (these currently include ENG 216, ENG 217, ENG 218, ITL 332, and SPN 250).  Beyond the language requirement, students must take four courses from the list of approved medieval studies courses at the 200 level or above: these courses must include at least one course in history and one course in art  or music.  Students are encouraged to select courses that deal with different aspects of the same time period and comprise together a meaningful examination of a segment of medieval civilization.

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