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How to Recognize Plagiarism



The next page contains 10 questions on recognizing kinds of plagiarism. Following completion of this short test, and upon obtaining a successful score (100 percent), you will be given an opportunity to view and print a confirmation certificate. If you do not score 100 percent on the test, you will not be able to view the confirmation certificate, nor will you be able to print it.

The only way to view and print the confirmation certificate is to answer all the questions correctly on the test at this web site. The confirmation certificate will include information on the date and exact time you passed the test.

Smith College will not send you a confirmation certificate. It is your responsibility to print the certificate, complete the information, sign it, and turn it in--if that is required by your instructor, department or institution.

You can retake the test as many times as you want, and you can retake the test even after you see the confirmation certificate. There is no penalty for repeatedly taking the test until you reach 100 percent. No records will be kept.

Remember that the confirmation certificate is a statement by you that you understand plagiarism and know how to avoid it. If you think that you do not understand plagiarism and how to avoid it after working through this tutorial, you should confer with your academic advisor, no matter what score you have obtained on the test.

If you are ready: Start the test


This tutorial site was developed by the Instructional Systems Technology Department in the School of Education at Indiana University Bloomington to offer students a chance to learn to recognize plagiarism. The Smith College Information Literacy Team is grateful for permission to use this tutorial as part of its program.

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