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Information Literacy Mission Statement

As an integral part of their education, all Smith College students shall learn how to find, evaluate, and make ethical use of information needed for their current and future intellectual endeavors.

"So far we have found that no matter where students are enrolled, no matter what information resources they may have at their disposal, and no matter how much time they have, the abundance of information technology and the proliferation of digital information resources make conducting research paradoxical: Research seems to be far more difficult to conduct in the digital age than it did in previous times."

Alison J. Head and Michael B. Eisenberg. Finding Context: What Today's College Students Say about Conducting Research in the Digital Age. Project Information Literacy Progress Report. January, 2009. Information School, University of Washington.

Thanks to Gail Gradowski, Orradre Library, Santa Clara University; Marsha Forys, University of Iowa Libraries; Sarah Burns, Pace University Library; Margaret Fain, Kimbel Library, Coastal Carolina University; and Anna Bomback, University of Alberta Library for permission to use materials from their Information Literacy web pages.


How to Get Help

To Get Help With ... Contact ...
Assignment design or to schedule a class presentation... Contact the appropriate Library Liaison, or Neilson Reference at, (413) 585-2960
Writing Skills ... Jacobson Center or Julio Alves, (413) 585-3033
Technology Skills Information Technology Services, the User Support Desk,, (413) 585-4487, or the Teaching & Research staff in Educational Technology Services (ETS).