Western Europe [Europa regional survey]

Central and South-Eastern Europe [Europa regional survey]

Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia [Europa regional survey]

Far East and Australasia [Europa regional survey]

Middle East and North Africa [Europa regional survey]

South America, Central America and the Caribbean [Europa regional survey]

ICPSR Online Analysis Using DAS
Dates of Coverage: 
1997 to present

The Data Analysis System allows users to perform online analysis directly using more than 200 datasets over the Web, without downloading files.

Africa South of the Sahara [Europa regional survey]

Europa World Plus

Covers the government and economy of 250+ countries & territories, with directory information and statistical tables. Online version of Europa World Year Book and the regional surveys.

Historical Statistics of the United States
Dates of Coverage: 
1531 - 2000

Covers population, work & welfare, the economy, and government. Data may be downloaded and custom tables created. Includes essays, data reliability and references to secondary literature.

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