Western Europe [Europa regional survey]

Central and South-Eastern Europe [Europa regional survey]

Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia [Europa regional survey]

Far East and Australasia [Europa regional survey]

Middle East and North Africa [Europa regional survey]

South America, Central America and the Caribbean [Europa regional survey]

ICPSR Online Analysis Using DAS
Dates of Coverage: 
1997 to present

The Data Analysis System allows users to perform online analysis directly using more than 200 datasets over the Web, without downloading files.

Europa World Plus

Covers the government and economy of 250+ countries & territories, with directory information and statistical tables. Online version of Europa World Year Book and the regional surveys.

Africa South of the Sahara [Europa regional survey]

Historical Statistics of the United States
Dates of Coverage: 
1531 - 2000

Covers population, work & welfare, the economy, and government. Data may be downloaded and custom tables created. Includes essays, data reliability and references to secondary literature.

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