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Linus Pauling and the race for DNA: a documentary history

Over 800 scanned documents, photographs, and audio and video clips providing a vivid portrait of Pauling and the role he played in the research leading up to the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953 by James Watson and Francis Crick.

ECHO: exploring & collecting history online

A centralized guide for locating online resources pertaining to the history of science and technology, based at the George Mason University Center for History and New Media.

Free Printable Music on the Web

Guide to some of the more commonly found music printing formats on the web, accompanied by sample sites that allow music to be printed or downloaded free of charge.

NIST Chemistry WebBook

Provides chemical and physical property data for over 11,000 chemical species.

NIST Data Gateway

Provides access to over 80 scientific and technical databases that contain reference data and properties on a wide of substances.

CQ Press Electronic Library

Comprehensive information on American government, politics, elections, law, public policy, and current affairs. Includes the CQ Researcher.

Evolution of the Conservation Movement
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Internet History of Science Sourcebook

Newton Project
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