Internet Resources

Tree of Life Web Project (ToL)

Describes a wide-range of organisms and provides their evolutionary development.

Climate Action (European Union)

Climate change policies, news, and more.

Nature Conservancy's Carbon Footprint Calculator

Tool to estimate greenhouse gases generated.

Ellis and Messina Catalogues

Authoritative taxonomic compilation of  Foraminifera (from 1942), Ostracoda (from 1953), and Diatom (from 1982) genera and species.   Over 1,000 new type descriptions added annually.

PhilSci Archive

An archive of preprints in the philosophy of science.

Philosophy Blogs

A list of blogs dealing with analytic philosophy, maintained by David Chalmers.

Philosophy Bites

Succinct podcasts of interviews with top philosophers.

Ethics Updates

Resources on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics, edited by Lawrence M. Hinman at the University of San Diego.

Ethics Center For Engineering & Science

Virtual center for engineering ethics, research ethics and science ethics, from MIT.

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