Five College Library Catalog: Search Results

The Search Results screen in the Five College Library Catalog provides information about the item's...

  • author, title, format, and publication date
  • location and call number
  • number of copies owned and availability

Using the Search Results screen, you can modify or limit your search, or save or email your search results.

Connect to the Five College Library Catalog, and search for the item of interest. To determine the call number for and its availability, click on the library name in the right column.
To see an item’s full record (including publisher, notes, subject terms, and other information), click on the title.
To re-sort the results list by author, title, or format, click on the appropriate term in the gray bar above the listings.
Click Modify Search to limit or expand your search.
Click Email/Save to email selected records or save them on a local computer drive.
Use your browser’s print function to print lists or records from the library catalog.
Click Recent Searches to display all searches for your session and run them again.

Special Tips for Begins-With Searches:

A Begins With search by author, title, subject, or call number will produce an alphabetical list in your chosen category. The number of records for each term in the list is given to the left of the entry. Click on the term to see the list of search results.
The Brief Records button will sometimes appear in an alphabetical list retrieved by a Begins With search. This link leads to another browsable list of entries helpful in sorting through long lists of titles by prolific authors or frequently published titles, or in searching for music.