Five College Library Catalog: Basic Searching

Use the Five College Library Catalog Basic Search to...

  • Search for Keywords or phrases in titles, authors, subjects and call numbers.
  • Choose Keywords Anywhere or Begins With to start searching.
  • See more online tutorials on using the new online catalog...
Connect to the Five College Library Catalog, and search throughout the Five College libraries or within any one institution's library system by clicking on the links in the menu bar at the top.
Select an option from the Search For menu:

Keyword searches can be limited to the title, author, or subject fields.

Keywords Anywhere searches every field (author, title, subject, notes, publisher, etc.).

Use Begins With search options to find specific titles, authors, subjects, or call numbers.

Search for a phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks (e.g., "game theory").

Type your search topic into the box to the right of the Search For menu.

Click the Search button.

See the online tutorial on understanding and managing your search results.