Five College Library Catalog: Advanced Searching

Use the Five College Library Catalog Advanced Search to...

  • Search for multiple keywords or phrases in titles, authors, and subjects.
  • Combine terms within or between search boxes.
  • Limit by date, date range, language, format, or individual library.
Connect to the Five College Library Catalog, and select Advanced on the search menu.
Select a search option from the first dropdown menu and type your search topic(s) into the first box.
Use the following boxes to enter up to three search topics in this way.

Select Boolean operators from the dropdown menus to combine your search topics.

  • Use AND to require all topics in your results.
  • Use OR to expand your search by allowing one topic or another.
  • Use NOT to exclude topics.
Select any desired Limits at the bottom of the search screen.
Click the Go button.
See the online tutorial on understanding and managing your search results.