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Lists articles, essays, and books on music, published before 1967. Trial ends 10/31/14.

Books & Media

Full-text ethnographies, field notes, seminal texts, memoirs & contemporary studies, covering human behavior the world over. Trial ends 11/8/14.

Streaming Media

Streaming video, including nearly 40 years of worldwide fashion shows, designer profiles, documentary segments, etc. Trial ends 11/25/14.


1868 - 1872

The official publication of the National Woman Suffrage Association, formed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Trial ends 11/12/14.

Primary Sources

1935 - 1965

Thousands of reports commissioned by major US companies on consumer goods, providing the building blocks for historic ad campaigns for gasoline to foods to tobacco to Mattel’s Barbie Doll. Trial ends 10/15/2014. NOTE: No PDF downloads possible during trial.


Primary source documents from the Gilder Lehrman Collection. Divided into two modules: 1: Settlement, Commerce, Revolution and Reform: 1493-1859 (available now) and 2: Civil War, Reconstruction and the Modern Era: 1860-1945 (due out mid- 2015). NOTE: No PDF downloads during trial. Trial ends 12/16/14.

18th - early 20th centuries

Digitized archival material from the 18th - early 20th centuries. Includes manuscripts, rare printed texts, visual images, objects & maps. NOTE: No PDF downloads during trial. Trial ends 11/5/14.