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Selected Primary Sources in the Sophia Smith Collection

Personal papers | Periodicals

Sidney Baldwin (1885-1978), owner and columnist for the Peoria (Illinois) Star. Papers (1912-1954) include correspondence concerning press passes, reservations and publicity for the Democratic and Republican Conventions (l952), and articles from a Pan-American Press Tour (l954).
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Helen Gurley Brown (1922- ), author and editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Papers (1930s- ) include correspondence, editorial memos, schedules, proposals, articles, clippings, and promotional material.
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Madeleine Z. Doty (1880-1963), journalist and World War I correspondent. Papers (1880-1981) include an autobiography, correspondence, and printed materials. Of special interest are chapters from the autobiography about her travels in Europe, l9l5-l9l8.
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Fanny Fern, circa 1868
Sarah Payson Willis Parton (a.k.a. Fanny Fern), first American woman newspaper journalist, circa 1868 (Fanny Fern and Ethel Parton Papers).   This image is available in SSC Postcards.

Fanny Fern (Sarah Payson Willis Parton) (1811-1872), author, humorist, and America's first woman columnist. Papers (1828-1920) include clippings, correspondence, printed materials and writings from the New York Ledger for which she wrote (l855-l875).
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Pauline Frederick (1908-90), news correspondent for ABC (1946-53), NBC (1953-74), and National Public Radio (1975-80). Papers (1917-90) include correspondence, clippings, writings, scripts, photographs.
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Nancy Hale (1908-88), known primarily for her fiction, Hale also worked as a reporter at Vogue, Vanity Fair, and, briefly in 1934, the New York Times. Papers (1908-1989) include correspondence, lectures, writings, photographs, and publications.
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Eva Hansl (1889-1978), program supervisor WJZ radio series "Women in the Making of America." Papers (1930-1975) include correspondence and typed scripts (l939-l940).
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Dudley Harmon (1912-1966), war correspondent. Papers (1920-1967) include journal from her work for the Free French in Brazzaville, French Equatorial Africa (l94l), published newspaper and journal articles as war correspondent for United Press, and radio broadcasts while working for the U.S. War Shipping Administration (l942) and on economic affairs in Europe (l943).
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Julia Collier Harris (1875-1967), owner and editor of the Columbus (Georgia) Enquirer-Sun and contributing editor to the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times. Papers (1921-1955) include correspondence, manuscripts, and unpublished articles.
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Helen Paull Kirkpatrick (1909-1998), foreign correspondent for Chicago Daily News (1939-46), and New York Post (1946-48). Papers (1930-1998) include correspondence, writings, clippings, and photographs.
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Martha J. Lamb (1829-1893), historian, author, and editor of the Magazine of American History (l883-l892). Papers (1838-1915) include correspondence, writings, clippings, notes and diaries.
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Marie Manning (1872?-1945). Author of the nation's first advice to the lovelorn column, she wrote under the name Beatrice Fairfax from 1889 until her death in 1945. Papers (1909-2000) include correspondence, writings, notes, typescripts, research materials, and photographs.
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Jessie Lloyd O'Connor (1904-1988), social activist and journalist, she spent her most productive years writing for the left-wing news agency, the Federated Press, 1929-1935. Especially well-documented in her papers (1850-1989) are two strikes she covered, the Gastonia Textile Workers strike in 1929 and the Harlan County Miners strike of 1931.
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Margery Wells Steer (1899-1992), columnist. Papers (1950-1992) include correspondence and a complete set of her columns "Peace and the People" written for the Grove City (PA), Reporter Herald and Farm and Dairy (Salem, Ohio).
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Gloria Steinem (1934- ), author, feminist activist, and co-founder and longtime editor of Ms magazine in 1972. Included in her papers (1940- ) are manuscripts that trace her development as a journalist and author, from her earliest publications as a college student to her recent best-selling books.
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The Sophia Smith Collection also contains approximately 650 periodical titles including early women's journals, such as Godey's Ladies Book (1852-1867), Lowell Offering (1840-1845), and Revolution (1868-1870); a substantial collection of suffrage and birth control magazines; and a cross section of radical and mainstream publications from the women's liberation movement of the 1960s and 1970s.  View finding aid

For secondary sources, see the Browsing and Reference collections in the SSC Reading Room.

(Note: The SSC is actively collecting the papers and oral histories of women and the records of their organizations. Please see the complete alphabetical list of collections or contact us for updated information on our holdings.)


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