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Monographs (books, exhibition and collection catalogs) and back issues of periodicals (magazines, journals, newsletters, bulletins, annuals) are arranged on the Hillyer Art Library shelves by subject using the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. Although most art material is classified as "N: Fine Arts" books, some aspects of the fine and applied arts can be found at other classification numbers as well. Use the Five College Library Catalog to search for holdings on your topic in all locations.

Many of the art library's pre-1970 holdings are housed in the Smith College Libraries Storage Facility and are classified using the Dewey Decimal Classification system (most are in the 700s). Use "Request Item" in the Five College catalog to page these items. They will be delivered to Neilson Library.

Call Number Locations for Hillyer Art Library

SC/Art General Stacks, Cellar level (A-F), 1st (G-N6922) & 2nd (N6923-Z) floors
SC/Art CD-ROM Service Desk, 1st floor (paged materials)
SC/Art Locked Stacks Service Desk, 1st floor (paged materials)
SC/Art Microforms Microforms Area, 2nd floor
SC/Art Oversize Oversize Stacks, 2nd floor north
SC/Art Periodical Current issues: Current Magazine Area, 1st floor
Back issues: Bound Periodicals Stacks, Cellar level
SC/Art Reference Reference Stacks, 1st floor
SC/Art Reserve Service Desk, 1st floor (paged materials)
SC/Art Restricted Circ General Stacks, Cellar level (A-F), 1st (G-N6853.O) & 2nd (N6853.P-Z) floors
SC/Storage Art Use "Request Item" in the library catalog to page
SC/Art Thesis Service Desk, 1st floor (paged materials)

LC Classification for the Visual Arts

A-M: Art-related Subjects

AM  Museums, collectors and collections

10-101 Museography, individual museums
111-157 Museology
200-501 Collections and collecting, private collections  

CC  Archaeology (general)
CJ  Numismatics
D  History, General and Old World

DE History, the Mediterranean region, Greco-Roman world
DF Greece
DG Italy  

E-F  History, Americas

E 51-99 Indians, Indians of North America
F1201-1392 Mexico
F1401-1419 Latin America (general)
F1421-1577 Central America
F2201-3799 South America   

GT  Manners and customs

170-474 Dwellings
500-2370 Costume, dress, fashion

N: Visual Arts (General)

81-390  Study and teaching of art
400-4040  Art museum and gallery collections
5300-7418  History of art (general--more than one medium)

5300-5306 General histories
5330-5940 Ancient
5940-6320 Medieval
6370-6375 Renaissance
6407-6425 17th & 18th century
6450-6465 19th century
6485-6494 20th century
6501-7413 History of the art of specific countries

NA: Architecture

200-1613  History of architecture

700-1613 Specific countries, biographies of individual architects

2500-2800  Architectural design, general treatises
2835-4050  Architectural details and decoration
4100-4160  Buildings classed by material and form
4170-8480  Buildings classed by use (public, religious, etc.)
9000-9425  City planning

NB: Sculpture

60-1115 History of sculpture

201-1113 Specific countries, biographies of individual sculptors

1160-1195  Design and technique of sculpture
1208-1270  Special materials (stone, metal, wood, etc.)
1293-1880  Special forms of sculpture (portraits, monuments, tombs, etc.)

NC: Drawing, Design, Illustration

50-376  History of drawing
101-376  Specific countries, biographies of individual draughtsmen
730-757  Technique and design (composition, perspective, etc.)
760-825  Special subjects (anatomy, landscapes, etc.)
850-915  Drawing materials
950-996  Illustration

975-996 Specific countries, biographies of individual illustrators

997-1003  Commercial and advertising art, graphic design
1005-1260  Collections of drawings, including individual artists
1300-1766  Cartoons and caricature
1800-1853  Posters

ND: Painting

49-1113  History of painting

201-1113 Specific countries, biographies of individual painters

1259-1289  Technique, styles, materials of painting, color
1290-1460  Special subjects (human figure, portraits, religious scenes, etc.)
1470-1660  Technique and materials
1700-2495  Watercolor painting
2550-2888  Mural painting
2890-3416  Ilumination of manuscripts and books

NE: Print Media

1-978  Printmaking and engraving

501-794 Specific countries, biographies of individual printmakers

1000-1352  Wood engraving, woodcuts, and other relief printing
1400-1879  Metal engraving
1940-2230  Etching and aquatint

2001-2110 Specific countries.biographies of individual etchers

2250-2560  Lithography

2301-2410 Specific countries, biographies of individual lithographers

NK: Decorative Arts, Applied Arts, Decoration & Ornament

600-1158  General histories of the decorative art
1160-1678  Decoration and ornament, design history
1700-3505  Interior design and decoration

1710-2004 History and styles by period and country
2200-2750 Furniture
2775-2896 Rugs and carpets
2975-3296 Tapestries, upholstery, wall-hangings

3600-3640  Calligraphy, lettering (see also Z)
3700-4695  Ceramics, pottery, porcelain
4700-4890  Costume and accessories
5000-5015  Enamel
5100-5440  Glass
6400-8459  Metalwork (see also NB)
7300-7695  Jewelry
8800-9505  Textile arts, weaving, needlework
9600-9955  Woodworking (see also NB)

NX: Fine & Performing Arts (General)

397-410  Art schools, scholarships and fellowships for the study of art
440-600  History of the fine and performing arts

440-458 History of the arts during specific periods
501-596 History of the arts of specific countries   

600  Specific movements (Dadaism, Futurism, etc.)
700-750  Patronage of the arts

P-T: Miscellaneous Arts

PN1900  Film and video, video art
SB  Plant Culture

451-466 Gardens and gardening
469-479 Landscape gardening
481-485 Parks and public reservations   

TH  Building construction
TT  Handicrafts

180-200 Furniture
205-267 Metalworking
490-695 Clothing
697-924 Needlework

TR: Photography

15  General history of photography
21-126  History of the photography of specific countries
140  Biographies of individual photographers
287-500  Photographic processing, darkroom techniques
510-545  Color photography
640-685  Artistic photography, works about individual photographers
690  Commercial photography
925  Photomechanical reproduction processes

Z: Books & Printing

4-8  History of books and bookmaking
43-48  Calligraphy, penmanship
116-241  History of printing
250-251  History of type and type-founding, specimen books
266-276  Bookbinding