Unconquered by Flames:The Literary Lights of Yaddo

An exhibition celebrating the legendary artists' colony that hosted artists and writers with ties to Smith, Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym.

Yaddo Mansion. Photo by Brian Vanden Brink,
courtesy the Corporation of Yaddo.

November-December, 2009 - hours
Yaddo Overview & Lola Ridge, 1929-1930
Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym

"Unconquered by Flames: The Literary Lights of Yaddo" focuses on the legendary artists' colony in upstate New York that hosted some of the most illustrious music composers, writers and visual artists of the 20th century—including those with ties to Smith College.

The exhibit celebrates the talents and contributions of Lola Ridge, whose papers are housed in the Smith College Special Collections and include letters, photographs and original manuscript drafts.




L to R: Sylvia Plath's journal page describing the Yaddo furnishings on Smith memorandum stationary; letter from Truman Capote to close friend Newton Arvin; letter from Arvin to Capote. Images courtesy Smith College Mortimer Rare Book Room.

The Smith show is one of more than 15 exhibitions across the country this year—including one that ran earlier in 2009 at the New York Public Library where the Yaddo Archives are housed—exploring the pivotal role of Yaddo in American culture while celebrating the work of the many artists who had residencies there. For more information, see the story posted on NewsSmith.



Mortimer Rare Book Room,
Neilson Library
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