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Try our new service that helps you browse the collection of Smith College Libraries' DVD's.
Josten Performing Arts Library is circulating four soprano ukuleles thanks to the Friends of the Libraries and the Department of Music.
Media Education Foundation (MEF) documentary films can be streamed through Smith's subscription. Read more...
Entering students will meet in small groups to discuss the book on how stereotypes can affect us. Copies are available in Neilson and Young Science Libraries.
Full text of all editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is now available online. From off campus, enter your Smith Network username and password.
View videos of counseling sessions, demos, interviews, lectures, personal narratives & dramatizations.
Josten is open Mon.-Fri. 12-2 pm, or by appointment. Items can be requested through the online catalog.
Smith faculty talk about their use of library resources for teaching and research with Michelle Anderer '15 and Zane Razzaq '15.
Archival exhibits created by students in the Archives Concentration are now on view in the Alumnae Gym.
Elizabeth (Beth) Myers oversees the college's three special collections, Sophia Smith Collection, College Archives, and Mortimer Rare Book Room in May. She serves as the chief curator of the Sophia Smith Collection.
New audiovisual material is being digitized and added the the SSC's Streaming Media page. Check back often to see the latest additions.
Students Michelle Anderer '15 and Zane Razzaq '15 asked a number of students and faculty what they love about the Smith College Libraries. See what they have to say.
See parking and access information for Mendenhall Center during construction of the new Health and Wellness Center on Belmont Ave., Nov. 2013 through Sept. 2014.
Smith and Five College students, faculty, and staff can use SmithSecure; all others can use SmithGuest.
Have you ever been surprised to find that your password still works for Smith Mail, but you can't log on to a networked computer or connect to Moodle?