Loretta Ross, Activist-in-Residence

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Attend upcoming events with the leader of national and international movements for racial and economic justice and women’s rights, Feb.7-25.

Loretta J. Ross
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Public Lectures

Date & Time Event
Thurs., Feb. 7
7:30 pm
Feminism in the Service of White Supremacy: The Personhood Amendment in Mississippi (Seelye 106)
Tues., Feb. 12
7:30 pm
Race, Rights, and Justice: A Public Conversation with Loretta Ross and Patricia Williams (Wright Hall)

Basic Skills of Organizing for Social Justice

Student workshops are open to all. Pre-register by e-mail: eamanna@smith.edu; please put “LJR Workshop” in the subject line.

Date & Time Workshop
Wed., Feb. 13
4-5:45 pm
Appropriate Whiteness: Being an Individual Ally to Women of Color (McConnell B05)
Mon., Feb. 18
4-5:45 pm
Empowering Women of Color in Feminist Organizations (McConnell B05)
Wed., Feb. 20
4-5:45 pm
Violences Against Women (McConnell B05)
Mon., Feb. 25
4-5:45 pm
Understanding and Applying Human Rights Principles in Social Justice Work (McConnell B05)

Loretta Ross is a bold thinker, grassroots organizer, and leader of national and international movements for racial and economic justice and women’s rights. She is an expert on the politics of women’s health, hate groups, and sexual violence. Ross brings a human rights approach to her activism and her writing. She has served most recently as co-founder and national director of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective.

Ross’ residency is made possible by support from Project on Women and Social Change, Sophia Smith Collection, Government Department, Smith College Lecture Committee, Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity, Program for the Study of Women and Gender.

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E-mail Ellice Amanna, eamanna@smith.edu, with questions or to schedule an event with Ross throughout the month of February.

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